General information

We  live in a digital world. Technology drives advances in the life sciences,  financial & business markets, and modern engineering.
Computational sophistication gives us more power but more complexity.

Businesses needs to make optimal use of data.
The key challenges are:

  • how to store and manage  data
  • how to make effective use of data to grow your business

sAnalytiCo  is committed to helping our customers solve  problems like these.

Our data analysis service

Life Sciences

  • transcriptomics data from DNA microarry or RNA-seq experiments
  • next-generation sequencing data
  • methylation data
  • metabolic data
  • SNP data
  • GWAS data
  • clinical data
  • patient record data


  • capital market analytics
  • sentiment analysis
  • mathematical modeling
  • derivative pricing
  • actuarial analysis
  • portfolio optimization
  • algorithmic trading
  • fraud detection & forensic finance

Business & Engineering

  • business analytics
  • customer experience
  • behavioural analytics
  • mathematical modeling
  • production engineering and logistics
  • reservoir engineering
  • signal analysis

Web mining

  • social network analysis
  • web content mining
  • web usage mining
  • search engine analysis

Exploratory data analysis

Graphical visualization of data is key  to generate insight and meaning within  'big data' and high-dimensional data sets.

Graphical data exploration lets  data speak for themselves.

Data visualization of unstructured data

John Tukey (Princeton) an early advocate of exploratory data analysis (EDA) emphasized the importance of data  visualization.

 sAnalytiCo are experts in  data visualization allowing you  to creatively interact with your  data to unlock the information within.

Data visualization of structured data and networks

A common problem is finding the connections between data. We have developed bespoke network analysis methods and software to find these connections.

The science of deduction ... you know you have a problem but can't pin it down ...


Finding solutions to new and unexpected challenges can be found with  new and creative ideas. 
- thinking  `outside the box'.

We at sAnalytiCo can help you identify the problem and come up with a solution.

For detailed information about our data analysis services please contact us.

We are happy to design a project with you to meet your needs and expectations.